Our Wellness Framework (adapted from the PAHO model)
The seven domains of wellness are defined as follows: 

​​​​Social Wellness is the process of creating and maintaining healthy relationships. It includes relationships in all settings; with all people and future generations. The social dimension encourages contributing to our human and physical environment for the common welfare of our community.

Physical Wellness is the process of making choices that create flexible, energetic, and strong bodies. Such choices we make include annual physical exams, exercise, nutrition, rest and sleep, stress management, management of injury and illness, the responsible use of alcohol and prescription drugs, and eliminating the use of illegal substances and tobacco.

Emotional Wellnessis the process of recognizing and expressing our feelings, and talking to ourselves in healthy ways to create and maintain a positive self-concept. Emotional wellness also includes the practice of talking about feelings--fear, anger, sadness, and joy-- and selecting healthy behavioral expressions of those feelings. ​​
Vision of Wellness (VOW) LLC has not created some fancy new way of envisioning well-being.  Our framework is adapted from a model created by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). 

The PAHO model defines wellness as a dynamic process of learning new life skills and becoming aware of and making conscious choices toward a more balanced and healthy lifestyle across seven dimensions: Social, Physical, Emotional, Career, Intellectual, Environmental, and Spiritual.  Through these seven domains, Vision of Wellness (VOW) LLC recognizes that well-being encompasses more than physical health and takes into account the use of an integrative, whole-person approach to health and well-being.
The Seven Dimensions of Wellness from the SPECIES model of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) wellness framework
Career Wellness is the process of making and maintaining choices and engaging in work for which we are well-suited and well-trained and from which we gain meaning and satisfaction. It also includes staying current in one’s chosen field, helping to create a healthy organizational environment which contributes to your own and others’ well-being. Career wellness also requires balancing work with the rest of one’s life.

Intellectual Wellness is the process of using our minds to create a greater understanding and appreciation of the universe and ourselves. Intellectual wellness is not dependent on intelligence or ability; rather it requires making connections, appreciating natural connections, examining our opinions and judgments, and questioning.

Environmental Wellness is the process of sustaining or improving the quality of life in the physical environment. This dimension includes responsible choices regarding air, water, land, and energy use so that future generations of all species may survive and thrive. The recognition of interdependence of humans, other animals, plants, and all of nature is a central tenet of environmental wellness.

Spiritual Wellness is the process of discovering meaning and purpose in life and demonstrating values through behaviors. Spiritual wellness includes acceptance of the concepts of wholeness, unity, diversity, individual uniqueness, and the need for community, as well as, personal responsibility to oneself and that community.
Why use a framework?

​​The purpose of this framework is to provide guidance for how wellness is defined, measured, and improved.  This framework can align with existing wellness programs and can also provide the skeleton to develop new programs.  This model includes core principles, domains of influence, processes, and guidance for continual improvement.

​Our framework, as adapted from the PAHO model, provides the context for which policies, services, environments, people, and culture may together create a systematic, integrative and whole-health approach that is flexible and conducive to ongoing wellness improvement.  The use of this framework and a collaborative effort will result in a more efficient and effective process to impact and increase organizational and individual well-being.
A VOW for Health through Science, Service, and Self-Care
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