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What is a Needs Assessments?
Health Promotion programs are not a “one size fits all, silver bullet approach”. At Vision of Wellness we recognize that individuals and organizations are unique and diverse. Therefore, we offer assessments to guide customization.

​​What is an Program Evaluation?
​Evaluations help to understand the impact of a health promotion program. Vision of Wellness can provide services to develop program evaluations.

​​What are Customized Wellness Workshops and Retreat Packages?
We are data driven – our customized wellness retreats and packages are in a group format and developed to integrate 7 domains of well-being (Social, Physical, Emotional, Career, Intellectual, Environmental, and Spiritual) using strategies such as Mind-Body Medicine and Ayurveda, which are scientifically and empirically based.

What are the Ayurvedic Services about? ​
​Ayurvedic services are based upon Ayurveda Medicine, which is a 3,000 year old healing system from India. Ayurveda practices utilize natural oils and plant-based products in therapies and self-care to bring balance to the body, mind, and spirit. These practices are especially useful for stress management and healing. Yoga and meditation, which have become very popular in the U.S. are part of the Ayurvedic system. 

​​What is a Mind-Body Medicine Skills Group?
Mind-Body Medicine Skills groups offer a powerful and effective combination of meditation, Yoga, and research-based healing arts to help participants deal with life changes, stress, and illness in a nurturing and supportive group setting. Groups are kept small (6-9 people), which allows for a deeper level of connection and sharing. Duration can be customized: 1 day retreats, 2-3 day overnight retreats, or 2-hour weekly retreats, for 8-10 weeks.

Can I earn continuing education credits?​​

Vision of Wellness is an approved education provider through NAADAC, the National Association of Addiction Professionals. The National Wellness Institute (NWI) has approved the Wellness through Art Workshop for 13.5 Level 2 continuing education credit (CEC) hours for NWI certification holders. Please contact us for specific questions about continuing credits.

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