• - A Vision of Wellness -

  • - A Vision of Wellness -

  • - A Vision of Wellness -


Vow For Health

Our mission is to utilize an integrative whole-health approach to rejuvenate and heal the mind, body, and spirit through the science of Ayurvedic Medicine.

Science of Well Being

Wellness can be defined as a dynamic process of personal growth by learning new skills and becoming aware of and making conscious choices toward a more balanced and healthy lifestyle across seven dimensions: Social, Physical, Emotional, Career, Intellectual, Environmental, and Spiritual.
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Science of Ayurveda

Ayur referes to life, and veda refers to knowledge, thus is is the "knowledge of life". It is an ancient medical system of India that dates back 3,000 years and one of the oldest healing systems in existence.

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Science of Self Care

The VOW for Health self-care model is one that focuses on our innate human capacity to move towards health and well-being. We provide workshops and coaching on self-care practices for groups and individuals.

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What our clients says
  • “I strongly recommend Head and Shoulder massage by Aparna to everyone who likes massage and other alternative healing techniques. It was a great session that covered head, neck, upper back and shoulder. Scalp massage helped me with deep relaxation and release of tension. It was an amazing experience of rejuvenation, I will be definitely going back.”
  • “I’ve been Aparna Joshi’s client for about a year now. My Ayurvedic physician recommended Aparna to me for Basti and Abyanga.

    Aparna’s work has been very effective for two reasons. Aparna has several years of authentic Ayurvedic training and clinical experience which she received in India. More importantly, her level of energetic awareness permits her to effectively adjust treatments to the needs of her clients.

    I am confident that I’ll be able to heal some long standing chronic health issues with Aparna’s help in a couple of years.”
  • S. Rathod
  • D. L.

Reasons to choose VOW for Health

Our Services

Science of Stress and Trauma

Utilize the Science of Stress and Trauma to Promote the Seven Dimensions of Health and Well-Being.

Provide Ayurveda Services

Provide Ayurveda Services that detoxify the Stress Response.

Provide Self Care Training

Provide self-care training to build inner resilience (individual and group).

Nurture Mind, Body and Spirit

Nurture your mind, body and spirit with offerings from VOW for Health.

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A VOW for health through Science, Service and Self-Care